Mission & About Us

BioInvenu Corporation is a biotech company. Our mission is to provide the proprietary cell-based assay products and services to drug discovery researchers. BioInvenu is dedicated to develop assay products and services by utilizing a novel cell-based protein-protein interaction assay technology, LinkLight™ technology.

The LinkLight™ technology has been applied to G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR), nuclear hormone receptors (NHR), and receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) by utilizing receptor and its signal adaptor interaction as the functional signal readout. Biologically relevant compounds that modulate protein-protein interactions can be identified with this highly sensitive, specific and robust assay method. Very recently, cell-based non-receptor kinase and signal adaptor protein interaction LinkLight™ assays have been established. The technology has the potential for a broad range of drug targets that are difficult to tackle by existing methods.

Cellular signal transduction depends on protein-protein interactions. Protein-protein interactions are dynamically regulated by reversible post-translational modifications (PTM) such as phosphorylation and dephosphorylation. Phosphorylation can induce protein conformational changes, and enable phosphorylated proteins to interact with other proteins, change protein subcellular locations, and transduce signals through phosphorylation-mediated protein-protein interaction networks. Using protein-protein interactions as functional signal readouts to decipher functions of poorly characterized proteins opens opportunities of both mechanism illustration of their signaling pathways and practical relevance of developing HTS methods.

BioInvenu has the exclusive license of the LinkLight™ technology and is dedicated to expanding and protecting all of its intellectual property rights.