Kinase Signaling Pathway LinkLight™ Assay Cells

Cell-based kinase signaling pathway LinkLight™ assays utilize kinase-protein interactions as functional signal readouts. —Kinases do no function alone, they interact with other proteins for proper function and signal transduction. Existing kinase assay technologies are mostly based on phosphorylation (or phosphorylation status) and omit the signaling networks which include signal cross-talking and feedback loops. The kinase signaling pathways are characterized by multiple kinase effector and signal adaptor interaction networks. LinkLight™ technology is utilized to monitor kinase/effector or signal adaptor interactions within living cells, preserving the complexity of the signaling pathways.  Although the cell-based kinase LinkLight™ assays monitor specific kinase/effector or adaptor interactions as signaling pathway readouts, the assays also have characteristics of phenotypic screens which include unknown mechanisms modulating or regulating the interactions.

Cell-base kinase signaling pathway LinkLight™ (U2-OS cells if not specified) cells lines.

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Kinase LinkLight™ Cells

Description                                                  ALIAS                                  Catalog

ERK2/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells           MAPK1                                  5001-S

RAF1/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells            c-Raf                                     5002-S

RAF1/14-3-3  LinkLight™ Cells                 c-Raf                                     5003-S

Src/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells                c-Src                                     5004-S

ASK1/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells            MAP3K5                               5006-S (CHO)

ASK1/14-3-3  LinkLight™ Cells                 MAP3K5                               5011-S

BTK/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells              ATK, BPK                              5012-S

PI3K/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells             p85α                                      5018-S

GSK3β/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells         SGKL                                    5020-S

ASK1/β-arrestin  LinkLight™ Cells            MAP3K5                               5026-S (U2OS)